Fig festival

Original name: Sagra del Fico

Place: Bacchereto (hamlet), in municipality of Carmignano, in Prato province, Montalbano area

First year of the festival: 1977

Period: first half of September

2019 scheduled on: from September, Saturday 7 to September, Sunday 15

Opening time: every evening, from 7:30 pm

Local Specialties:

  • Appetizers - crostini, mixed crostini; fichi con salumi vari, figs with cured meats; antipasto toscano, cold cuts from Tuscany
  • Second courses - rosticciana, pork ribs; coniglio alla brace, grilled rabbit; bistecca di vitello, grilled veal steak; bistecca di maiale, grilled pork steak; arista al forno, sliced steamed pork meat
  • Side dish - fagioli all'olio, Tuscan white beans
  • Dessert - crostata di fichi, fig crostata cake; biscotti alla Baccheretana, local biscuits
  • One course dish - covaccini, salted focaccia bread; covaccini con i ciccioli, salted focaccia bread with crispy pork

The typical dish of this sagra, as for the festival's poster, it's the figs with cured meats; we couldn't agree more, and we can suggest it to our readers, also because figs festivals are rather infrequent in Tuscany and then here in Bacchereto it's a good idea to take advantage to one of the most important Tuscan fig festival - if not the most important fig festival at all, in our region.

But the menu lists many other important and glorious dishes, such as an assortment of appetizers, from the Tuscan cold cuts to our crostini, the popular grilled meat, a classic ancient recipe, the arista, and a traditional side dish like the Tuscan white beans, the cannellini beans seasoned with olive oil.

Local desserts stand out from the menu, we wouldn't miss the local Bacchereto biscuits and the fig crostata; notice also that on Sundays' afternoons, a sort of popular one course dish, or snack (merenda), will be available, the covaccini. And, we can not forget that we are in one of the most important wine areas in Tuscany, and the festival proudly displays the local wines.

Un fico