Hare and wildboar festival

Originale name: Sagra della Lepre e del Cinghiale

Place:  Selvatelle (hamlet) in municipality of Terricciola, in Pisa province, Valdera area.

First year of the festival: 1988

Period: last half of September - first half of October

2019 scheduled on: September, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29; October, Saturday 5, Sunday 6, Saturday 12 and Sunday 13

Opening times: every Saturday only dinner, from 19 pm; Sunday, lunch from 12 pm and dinner from 19 pm

Local Specialties:

  • Appetizers - crostini di polenta con il sugo di lepre, crostini made of polenta with hare sauce
  • First courses - pappardelle al sugo di lepre, pappardelle pasta with hare sauce; pappardelle al sugo di cinghiale, pappardelle pasta with wild boar sauce
  • Second courses - lepre in salmì, hare stew; cinghiale in salmì, wild boar stew; carne alla griglia, grilled meat
  • Side dishes - polenta fritta, fried polenta

Here in Selvatelle, you can taste home made pappardelle, made by the volunteers, with two different sauces: wild boar, which nowadays is common in Tuscany, and hare, way less frequent to find both in sagras and in restaurants. Both these game sauces will be perfect with the pappardelle, a traditional Tuscan pasta, one of the few pasta that we have in Tuscany.

Another classic and ancient dish, the polenta, will be available with hare sauce as an appetizers, or simply fried, as a side dish.

Great second courses add their heavy value to this traditional menu, full of local, wonderful specialties; not only our Tuscan grilled meat, but also wild boar with olives, and hare with olives.