Fresh olive oil and Grilled cod festival

Original name: Sagra dell'Olio novo e del Baccalà alla brace

Place: La Serra hamlet, in Municipality of San Miniato, in Pisa province, Valdarno area.

First year of the festival: 1982

Period: last weekend of October

2019 scheduled on: Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 October

Opening time: on Friday, Saturday and Sunday dinner from 19:30, on Sunday also lunch from 12:30

Local specialties:

  • First courses: tagliolini all'olio novo, tagliolini pasta with fresh olive oil; tagliolini al tartufo, tagliolini pasta with truffle; lasagne al tartufo, lasagna pasta with truffle
  • Second courses: salsiccia con fagioli all'uccelletta, sausages and beans in tomato sauce; bistecca di vitello alla brace con tartufo, grilles veal steak with truffle; baccalà alla brace, grilled code
  • Side dishes: fagioli all'olio novo, beans with fresh olive oil
  • Desserts: cantuccini e vin santo: almond biscuits with Vin Santo wine

La Serra, a small hamlet located on the hills surrounding the river Arno between the provinces of Florence and Pisa, offers a wide choice of festivals thorough the year. Their last event of the season is also the first one that has been created at the beginning of the 80s, and it’s dedicated mainly to fresh olive oil. Infact it’s organized in partnership with Frantoio Sanminiatese, the oil mill nearby.

Being the area very renowned for truffle hunting, the well known San Miniato white truffle, there are several dishes with this precious ingredient. We suggest trying it with some pasta, the simple but good tagliolini or the lasagna, or even with grilled meat.

The last receipt celebrated during the festival is grilled cod. Despite being a very popular dish in ancient Tuscan tradition, it’s not easy to find in festivals nowadays, so it’s really worth a try.