Focaccette bread festival

Original name: Sagra delle Focaccette.

Place: Fornoli hamlet, in Villafranca in Lunigiana municipality, in Massa Carrara province.

First year of the festival: unknown.

Period: half August

2019 scheduled on: from Friday 9 to Sunday 11 and from Tuesday 13 to Thursday 15 August

Opening times: only dinner from 7 pm.

Local specialties:

  • Single course meal - focaccette, bread with local salami or cheese
  • First courses - testaroli, testaroli pasta; ravioli
  • Second course - torte d’erbi, vegetable and herbs salted cake; carne alla griglia, grilled meat

The focaccetta is a delicious bread which is traditional of this charming area, the Lunigiana. It’s a territory in north Tuscany, with the language and the cuisine actually Emilian and Ligurian.

Both focacette and testaroli are made with an ancient tool, the “testo”. Focaccette can be eaten as a sort of single course meal, with salami or cheese, while the testaroli are rather a first course pasta dish, and they can go with an olive oil and cheese or pesto sauce.

Don’t miss a local treasure, the torta d’erbi. It’s a salted vegetables and herbs cake, one of the symbol,of the Lunigiana cuisine.

Le Focaccette di Fornoli
 Focaccette served during the sagra in Fornoli