Focaccetta bread festival

Original name: Sagra della Focaccetta

Place: Vaccareccia hamlet, in Municipality of Aulla, in Massa-Cararra province, Lunigiana area.

First year of the festival: 1969

Period: First three weeks of September

2019 scheduled on: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from August 30 to September, 15.

Opening time: Friday from 18:00, Saturday from 17:00 and Sunday all day long

Local Specialties

  • Single course meal: focaccette ripiene con stracchino, salsiccia, pancetta, focaccette bread with stracchino cheese, sausage, Italian bacon
  • First courses: testaroli, tagliatelle o ravioli, con pesto, ragù o funghi, testaroli pasta, tagliatelle pasta or ravioli pasta, with pesto, or meat, or mushroom sauce.
  • Second courses: bistecchine di maiale, grilled pork steak; costolette, grilled pork ribs; salsicce, grilled sausages

First of all, arrive early! It’s a popular sagra, with an huge attendance. Be patient! In such big food festivals, waiting, well... it’s absolutely normal... Your patience will be rewarded, with fabulous and mythical dishes, such as the testaroli, an ancient pasta traditionally made since centuries in this Lunigiana area. Famous and important area for food, with great influences from Liguria and Emilia regions; actually, people here speak an Emilian dialect.

You have then the chance to taste other great local dishes, as the ravioli, and tagliatelle; all these pasta, and testaroli too, can be served with pesto (a Ligurian sauce), meat or mushroom sauce. Grilled meat is available either; as for the focaccette, sort of local, dainty bread, you can have then with cheese, cold cuts or sausages.

Baking focaccette bread during the festival in Vaccareccia, Aulla
Baking focaccette bread during the festival in Vaccareccia, Aulla