Tordello pasta festival

Original name: Sagra del Magnifico Tordello

Place: Farnocchia (hamlet), in Stazzema municipality, in Massa Carrara province, Apuan Alps area.

First year of the festival: unknown

Period: half July - half August, Saturday and Sunday on some non consecutive week ends

2019 scheduled on: Saturday and Sunday, July, 6-7 and 20-21, then August, 10-11 and 17-18.

Opening times: on dinner, from 19 pm

Local Specialties:

  • Appetizers - Sgabei, local fried bread with cured meat, salami or cheese;
  • First courses -  Tordelli al ragù, tordelli with meat sauce; ravioli ai funghi, ravioli pasta with mushrooms;
  • Second courses - Carne alla brace, grilled meat; 
  • Side dish - Fagioli con cipolla, beans with onion;

At about 700 mt high, 2300 feet, Farnocchia is a perfect solution for the midsummer's relentless heat. Getting there can be challenging, though, due to the impervious routes. We are indeed in the Apuan Alps, with fantastic sceneries, pure air and narrow streets. Best idea, it's to take the free shuttle from the parking area along the way to Farnocchia, which will you relieve from the parking problems, by the way.

When in Farnocchia, you'll be welcomed by a bunch of traditional delights, such as the local "tordello" pasta, close relative to tortello, with meat sauce (ragù); the sgabei, a fried bread popular to these border people - it's also known as morseleti in La Spezia, quartuccio in Lucca, gnocco fritto or crescentina in Emilia; the ravioli pasta, with mushroom sauce; grilled meat, sausages etc; beans with onion as side dish.

Clearly, we bet you won't miss the dish which gives the name to this sagra, all the more that in Farnocchia it isn't a "simple" tordello, but a very special, a unique, a "magnificent" one; that's the meaning of "Magnifico Tordello".