Pici pasta festival

Original name: Sagra del Picio Seggiano

Place: Seggiano, in Grosseto province, Monte Amiata area.

First year of the festival: unknown

Period: half August

2019 scheduled on: from August 14 to August 18

Opening times: dinner, every evening; lunch too, on Sunday and 15 August

Local specialties:

  • First courses: pici all’aglione, pici pasta with local garlic and tomato; pici al sugo, pici with meat sauce; pici alle briciole, pici with bread
  • Second courses: trippa, tripe; fagioli all’uccelletto, beans in tomato sauce; grigliata mista, mixed grilled meat; bistecca di vitello, veal t- bone steak

The pici are a southern Tuscan pasta dish, greatly popular and appreciated. The picio is one piece of pasta, pici is the plural in Italian language. But surely here in Seggiano you’ll be provided with dishes full of many pieces of pici! And it will be possible to taste them with the hyper classic aglione, a sort of local garlic and tomato; or with a rich meat sauce, a ragù; with the briciole, crumbs of bread. It’s impossible to mistake the choice, as all these sauces are equally delightful!

Grilled meat is on the menu as second course, with other traditional recipes as tripe and beans in tomato sauce.

Pici preparation during the sagra in Seggiano