T-bone steak with Porcini mushrooms festival

Original name: Sagra della Bistecca con Fungo Porcino

Place: Pozzolatico (hamlet) in municipality of Impruneta, in Florence province.

First year of the festival: unknown

Period: beginning of June and second half of July, from Friday to Sunday

2019 scheduled on: July,12-13-14, 19-20-21 and 26-27-28

Opening times: only at dinner

Local Specialties:

  • Appetizers - Tuscan appetizers, antipasto toscano;
  • Second courses - T-bone steak bistecca alla fiorentina; bistecca con fungo porcino, T-bone steak with porcini mushroom; Filetto di manzo, beef tenderloin or filet

Here, the most important dish is clearly the Florentine T-bone steak and you can also have the steak with porcini mushrooms on it, ask for "bistecca con porcino". Anyway, with or without the porcini, the T-bone steak takes the most of the dinner at this sagra, and the rest of menu is a simple complement, as obvious. If a 1 kg T-bone steak it's too much for you, it's possible to ask for an half kilo steak (500 gr).

Among traditional cuisine in the menu the Tuscan appetizers; and the beef tenderloin or filet, which is grilled as the T-bone, this too you can have with the porcini mushroom.

As first course, a pasta dish, the penne, with a choice of three different sauces, porcini mushrooms, ragù (meat) and tomato; penne are not Tuscan but "adopted" in many Tuscan sagras and the sauces seem promising, especially mushrooms and ragù.

Pozzolatico is very close to Florence, about 5 km far from Porta Romana.