T-bone steak and Porcini mushroom festival

Original name: Sagra della Bistecca e del Fungo Porcino

Place: Certaldo, in Florence province, Val d’Elsa area.

First year of the festival: 1999

Period: end of September, first three weeks of October

2019 scheduled on: inauguration on Thursday 26 September, then every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 27 September to 20 October

Opening time: every scheduled day dinner from 7:45pm, Sunday lunch from 12:30am

Local specialties:

  • First courses: fettuccine con funghi porcini, fettuccine pasta with porcini mushrooms; gnocchi porcini e tartufo, gnocchi pasta with porcini mushrooms and truffle; zuppa di funghi con porcini, mushroom soup with porcini
  • Second courses: bistecca alla fiorentina, t-bone steak; tagliata con rucola, flank steak with rocket salad; tagliata con porcino alla griglia, flank steak with grilled porcini mushrooms; gran pezzo con porcino alla griglia, beef fillet with grilled porcini mushrooms
  • Side dishes: funghi porcini alla griglia, grilled porcini mushrooms; funghi porcini fritti, fried porcini mushrooms

Grilled meat and mushrooms