Porcini mushroom festival

Original name: Sagra del Fungo Porcino

Place: Cortona, in Arezzo Province, Valdichiana area.

First year of the festival: 1989

Period: first weekend after 15  August

2019 scheduled on: August Saturday 17 and Sunday 18

Opening times: only dinner from 7 pm

Local Specialties:

  • First courses: zuppa di funghi, porcini mushrooms soup; 
  • Second courses: porcini fritti, fried porcini mushrooms; porcini trifolati, porcini mushrooms with persil and garlic

A great resource and a delighful dish, back in the past times for peasants and farmers, mushrooms in general and especially porcini mushrooms are still nowadays highly regarded in all Italy.

A taste of some traditional cooking recipes can be found here in this festival; fried porcini mushrooms are unmissable, but we would suggest the mushrooms soup too. The ‘trifolati’ mushrooms are cutted in slices and cooked with olive oil, garlic and parsley.ù

Images from Porcini mushroom festival in Cortona