Truffle festival

Originale name: Sagra del tartufo

Place: Chiusi della Verna, in Arezzo province.

First year of the festival: 1991

Period: half of August, normally from 13 to 17

2019 scheduled on: from Wednesday, 14 to Sunday, 18 August

Opening times: from 7 pm at dinner (every evening); from noon at lunch on August 14, 15 and 18

Local Specialties:

  • Appetizers - Crostoni al tartufo (bread with truffle)
  • First courses - Tagliolini al tartufo (tagliolini pasta with truffle), Tortelli al tartufo (tortelli pasta with truffle)
  • Second courses - Tagliata al tartufo (T-bone steak with truffle)

Tuber aestivum, in Italian also known as tartufo scorzone, and in English summer truffle, is a black truffle found in summer and that’s the reason of this festival.

Here, in the far middle of Apennines forest, it is rather easily found and harvested this summer truffle which, even less valuable than other truffles, still, it’s worth itself the visit to Chiusi della Verna. Not to mention the beautiful landscapes and the peaceful festival location, a quiet and green park.

A market with local food products, arts and crafts will be open during the sagra. The menu will give you the opportunity to taste the aestivum truffle with pasta, as first course, or with meat, as second course, but you’ll be able to choose the same dishes without truffle, in case so you prefer- so for instance tortelli pasta with ragù, with meat sauce, it will be a good choice too! While less expensive than other truffle species, summer truffle it’s not such a inexpensive dish; especially coupled with meat.