Reaching a sagra

Reaching the sagra in Luco di Mugello
Seeing a poster of the sagra along the way is a confirmation that you are on the right way.

Indeed, most of the sagras are organized in small villages or hamlets. A sagra is often the most important festive period of a community, so the place where it takes place must contain a lot of people: it can be a football field, a meadow or a big square. In cold seasons a hall, a ballroom or something like this.

It's absolutely a good idea to arrive early. Dining often starts at 7 or 7:30 pm, so it would be better to be there not after 7:30 pm and, if possible, even earlier. The "rush time" in a sagra, generally from 8 to 9.30 p.m., can be incredibly crowded, and sometimes we've waited for our food for literally hours!

As a sagra is usually an important event, so some signs, like banners or posters will help you reaching the place.

Sagra poster in Pelago
Sometimes, posters are not easy to find... here, a green poster pointed by this red arrow show the direction to the local Sagra del Cinghiale, but clearly, a bit of attention is needed to notice it.